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Ghastly (2011) DVDRip

Every summer, the Koreans are cooled to the spine by the flood of horror movies that hit the box office. In the alignment of this year, is not “horrible.” Read more »

71 Into the Fire BluRay 720p

Based on a true story, 71 – Into The Fire tells his story brilliantly throughout, using the stunning images in the epic battle scenes to show the chaos and carnage of war and requires the ultimate price, albeit in a little predictable in places. Read more »

Quick HDTV

Gi-soo, Oh Myeong-sik-ROM and were members of the biker gang known themselves. They enjoyed their days wandering the streets on motorcycles recklessly. Now Gi-soo worked as a motorcycle delivery boy, Myeong-sik is a cyclist and Ah-ROM is a Pop Idol singer. Read more »

Hello Ghost (2010) HDTV 720p

Sang-man (Cha Tae-Hyeon) begins to see four pesky ghosts after a suicide attempt unsuccessful. The performance of their individual wishes, he finds the joy of everyday life and forget his loneliness and depression. Directed by the writer and director Kim Yeong-Thanks for the “super family” and “BA. BO” Read more »

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